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We want to make it easier for teachers, because we know that the last thing they need is more boxes to tick and more items to add to the to-do list, especially at this time. We want to help to ensure that every single child has the tools and understanding to support their own emotional wellbeing. During lockdown, after lockdown and far into the future. 

We know that there is limited time and resources to put into providing mental health support to children, and that schools spend a lot of time fire-fighting existing problems.


We take a different approach in that we believe that resilience is innate, so it isn’t a skill to learn or develop, but it is a characteristic inherent in all of us. If we take the time to uncover it.


Starting from this perspective of innate mental wellbeing means that the Teacher Training & Toolkit is valuable for every single student, teacher and parent. Because we are all made of the same, and because we all have the potential to uncover the resilience, joy, contentment, motivation and okayness within us.

Mindful Magic will provide schools with a year-long toolkit to implement a mindfulness-inspired understanding of mental health all the way from EYFS to KS2 and including:

  • 24 ready-to-use lesson plans spanning all EYFS and primary phases, requiring minimal additional resources

  • every day tools to take away and use throughout the school community

  • a two hour comprehensive in-person training from a long-standing teacher for up to 30 members of staff with takeaway tools

  • resources, video demos and links to wider curriculum

  • four hours of expert mentor-led sessions and support for one particular group of students

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Eversley School, Enfield

"This Toolkit gives children the opportunity and time to focus on themselves, how they are feeling and techniques to better manage their emotions"


"Children have become aware of their emotions and react in a positive way using some of the techniques to allow themselves to think more rationally"

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