Our Sessions

We've created sessions adapted to different age ranges that include our easy, fun and mindful tools for you and your little ones.

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Mindful Magic

for preschoolers

It still amazes us how the little ones get so on board with the simple mindfulness techniques, and mini-meditations! Alongside these mindful tools for life, we also take them (and you) on a magical journey through song, dance, storytelling, movement and creativity. 

Mindful Magic

for kids

These bring together our five magic spells - breathe, focus, move, create and meditate - in fun, magical sessions that enable them to notice of their breath, body, thoughts and emotions, as well as uncovering resilience, self-compassion and gratitude for others. 

Mindful Magic

for teens

This challenging age can bring added issues around self-esteem and anxiety, so these sessions focus heavily on building confidence and understanding how our minds really work. The tools used in the session are practical and can be taken away to use when most needed. 

Mindful Magic 

for Mums

Our mum-only sessions are a chance to breathe, move, meditate and let go. We will use wonderfully calming breathing techniques, mindful stretches, a beautiful guided meditation, as well as the opportunity to pick up some super simple mindfulness tools to take home.

Our Locations 



Katie Hill

As Founder of Mindful Magic and with a background in teaching and informal youth work, Katie runs 1-1 sessions for all age groups, including adults. More about Katie here.

Her favourite Mindful Magic tool is Lion Breath! 



Carly Webster

Carly is a wife, mother of two small children and a primary school teacher of 16 years. As a teacher, she saw the increased pressure that our children and young people are put under on a daily basis. She witnessed too often the general lack of self esteem in a lot of children and young people, and the rising levels of poor mental an emotional well being as a result. She believes children need more help and support to understand their emotions, and to be able to deal with them in a healthy and balanced way. After having used some mindfulness tools herself, and feeling calmer and more present as a result, she could see the importance of supporting the mental and emotional well being of both children and adults alike.

Her favourite breathe tool: without a doubt it’s Lion Breath!

AN .jpg


Allie Nuttall

By learning about and practising mindfulness Allie has experienced great changes in her outlook and thinking. She has seen first-hand how it can help with self-esteem, confidence, emotional well-being and uncovering a real joy for life. She has found mindfulness tools help her when things are tough, but also help her tune in, notice and enjoy the good times to such a greater extent. 

Allie has been sharing Mindfulness and meditation sessions with adults for a while now, but is so excited to use the wonderful ‘spells’ of Mindful Magic with children. Her 4 year old really enjoys trying out all the tools at home!

Her favourite Mindful Magic tools are Hi 5 breathing and Bzz like a bee



Mel Pearman

Mel is a florist and mum of two young girls and has always had a great passion for the mind/body connection. 

She has used mindfulness tools herself to recover from ill health and emotional imbalance and believes deeply in educating children at a young age to find connection with themselves. 

Mel is thrilled to become a Mindful Magic Mentor and looks forward to using her creativity to fulfil her dream of supporting children mentally and emotionally to help them connect to their innate joy and beautiful feelings. 

Her favourite meditation is using a focus stone to feel strong like the earth 🌍



Sharyn Derrick

Sharyn started her working life in the world of theatre and events. She transitioned to teaching because she wanted to work with children and make a difference. After having her own children, she was already self employed when she attended a mindfulness course for herself. She felt her whole mindset was changed and so when she saw the opportunity to share this way of thinking with young children and their families, she knew she had to take it! She is looking forward to sharing the classes with you and taking you on some magical mindful journeys!

Her favourite Mindful Magic tool is the Breathing Stick!

Sharyn is currently on maternity leave but will be back this summer

Rosy Mills.jpg


Rosy Mills

Rosy has been a teacher in many different forms across the majority of her working life so far.  Having worked down through the age ranges within the education system, she became increasingly concerned with the general lack of self-esteem amongst children and the rising levels of poor mental well-being as well as the increased pressures placed upon children in our modern world.  


Following the birth of her own little boy,she opted for a healthier work/life balance and became self-employed and then found Mindful Magic (though she says Mindful Magic found her!).  After noticing the difference that the tools have made to her own well-being and feeling a much calmer and present parent, she knew that this was her opportunity to promote mental and emotional well-being in a very personal and meaningful way for each child and family.


Rosy loves the rise and fall of the energy flows across a session and so her favourite tool is the tree movements activity, especially the swaying of the branches with the breath.  Though ask her each week and her favourite will have changed as she loves ALL the activities!

Emma R.jpg


Emma Reid

Emma is mummy to Harry and Eva. She has worked as a midwife and Montessori teacher, as well as provided art therapy to children in a school setting. She also runs the village toddler group. Emma believes that society paints an unrealistic and misguided picture of perfection for both parents and their children. She wants everyone to know this and hopes that everyone is able to find their joy default even though life can bring pressure and unrealistic expectations.


Her favourite Mindful Magic tools are face strokes and cheek taps!



Zakia Chentouf

Zakia's background working with vulnerable adults and later on as a teacher, has shown her how everyday life struggles can impact who you might become. She has always had a passion for finding ways to lighten the load for kids and their parents and believes that training as a Mentor and sharing the Mindful Magic tools with them will support their growth in a positive and fun way.  

Zakia enjoys reading all sorts of books and loves spending time with her family. Living in West London she believes it's time for the Mindful Magic Movement to sprinkle its magic dust all over us!


She also likes being silly and her favourite Mindful Magic tool is the Lion Breath.. RAAAAA!



Rachael Dyer

Rachael is an experienced SEN teacher who has spent over 20 years teaching children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs. She has taught a wide range of ages and subjects including PHSE, Emotional Literacy and Child Development.

After integrating Mindfulness and Yoga into the schools PHSE curriculum, she then focused on addressing her own wellbeing and started a new venture, setting up her own tutoring company and starting an MSc based on Mental Health and Wellbeing in Education.

Rachael loves tutoring and has reaped the benefit of an improved home/ work life balance. She has become a Mindful Magic Mentor because she wanted to find a way to continue supporting children’s mental and emotional wellbeing in a fun, interactive and flexible approach

Her favourite Mindful Magic tool is all of them!



Rosanna Bishop

Rosanna has a background in teaching primary school children from EYFS to KS2 and she enjoyed the privilege of making a difference to children’s’ lives. After having children, she took a career break in order to spend more time with her family.
Throughout her teaching career she has seen the rising pressure that children are under in their everyday lives and in turn the higher levels of anxiety and low self-esteem they may experience. Rosanna believes we need to put the mental health of children at the fore in order for them to achieve the success they are destined for.
When she heard about Mindful Magic she knew she could continue to make a difference to children’s lives and give them (and their parents) tools and techniques that they could use whenever they needed. Rosanna believes our lives are so fast-paced and having some dedicated time each week to just be and to notice can have a positive impact on our emotional wellbeing.

Her favourite Mindful Magic tool is shark breath.

Emma F.jpg


Emma Fiveash

Emma is Mummy to Mollie. She is a primary school teacher with a passion for mindfulness, previously leading sessions within her school

Self esteem issues are prevalent among children and Emma wants to help children to understand their emotions and ultimately find their innate joy default 

Emma’s favourite tools are the ‘hi-5 breathing’ and ‘Bobby’ ball breathing 



Helen Johnson

Helen decided to be a Mindful Magic Mentor after speaking with friends and their children having to cope with all the new technology there is. We can’t escape it but we can use the Mindful Magic spells to learn to deal with the situations we face growing from children to adults.

Helen is also a Hypnobirthing coach and can understand how our minds can be focused with the right tools.

Her favourite tool is the movement with the parachute and thinking of waves 


What we do in our sessions


Super simple breathing techniques that take a matter of minutes, but are so effective. Breathing helps to ground us, bring us back to the present moment, and can have an instant calming effect as we concentrate on something so instinctive. 

Tools that help us to take a moment to notice something we might not have before, such as a part of the body. By focusing, we develop concentration and an awareness that everything (including our thoughts) is temporary.



Mindfulness isn't just about sitting, it's about noticing the whole of our physical being, as well as our emotional state. Mindful movement is important to bringing awareness to what we do all the time, and it's a lovely chance to raise our energy levels a little bit too.

We are always creating, and children love to draw, colour, cut, stick, paint. If you have ever watched a child colouring, you will notice them in flow... not paying attention to anything else except the task in hand. This is ultimate mindfulness.



Getting cosy with blankets and pillows, this is an opportunity to switch off and listen to a wonderful, empowering guided meditation. While just a few minutes for the children, it's a unique opportunity to simply BE.

Do you want to learn how to share joy by becoming a Mindful Mentor?