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Be a Mindful Mentor


If you believe in the power of Mindfulness, want to support the emotional wellbeing of children and would like a flexible business of your own, becoming a Mindful Mentor could be for you.


Through the comprehensive, friendly and practical online training, you will learn how to facilitate classes with young people effectively. The beauty of becoming a Mentor is that you can work these classes around your life and grow the business as much as you like.


You will join a close-knit family of other Mentors who support and help each other in their journeys.

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100% of Mentors have rated the training as 9/10 or above in terms of value*

100% of Mentors have rated the training 10/10 in terms of ease of understanding*

This is Lisa in Stevenage explaining why she'd recommend joining our incredible Mindful Magic family 

*Responses from a feedback survey including all current Mindful Magic Mentors

"I love the resources, the training videos are really clear.

I feel totally relaxed about commenting, asking questions in the group... I feel very well supported"

Kate Shirley