Mindfulness for kids

About Us

Society encourages us to focus on our flaws, “fix” them and strive for perfection. Parenting and childhood suffer as a result where these demands and expectations are unrealistic.


Mindful Magic was founded in 2018 with the mission to change the landscape of emotional wellbeing. Our local community sessions provide easy, fun and mindful tools. We will guide both young people, parents and teachers to effectively focus, breathe and simply be.


We aspire to give everyone a deeper acceptance of themselves and other people, alongside greater calm and clarity for life. For Mindful Magic, this is a movement that will bring positive change to families, schools and communities.

"Mindful Magic came from an instinctive desire I had following the birth of my eldest, to support parents, just like me.

Because I really struggled. And I knew others did too."

Katie Hill, Founder

Katie's Story

Katie Hill is the Founder of the Mindful Magic Movement, a teacher and a mum to two children. Having worked as a teacher for ten years and, prior to that, an informal youth leader, Katie has always loved working with children; seeing them develop and learn. However, seeing the never-ending focus on exams, how the energy was zapped from children and the pressure “to be the best” first-hand, 


Katie wanted to find a way to uncover the Joy Default, hidden under layers of stress and fear.  Katie has brought her skills in teaching and coaching, as well as reiki and meditation training to develop fun and accessible programmes that will enable people to uncover their inner contentment.    


A central part of the Mindful Magic Movement is also training up and creating a network of Mentors so that this mindset and way of living can reach the world.


What people say about us


My daughters (9 and 11) attended a Mindful Magic 2 week course. They really enjoyed the experience, particularly the crafts. They were really pleased with the rainbow lavender scented play dough that they were able to take home with them.


Still relaxed from yesterday’s amazing Mindful Magic for Mum's session. So nice to be able to switch off, relax and spend an hour focusing on just me for a change! Highly recommend this organisation and what it stands for


My daughter really enjoyed it. I hear her tell her daddy she learnt about breathing and showed him how to put his hand on his chest to feel it go up and down